Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Tips: Say 'No' To Tobacco Smoking

Are you a chain smoker?

Do you want to get rid of it? Do you find it difficult?

Nothing is impossible, if you are firm on your decision. Smoking tobacco is a harmful addiction, which threatens your health as well as health of others around you. It also leads to air pollution and wastage of your money too. If you want to quit smoking, there are many helping hands available today. Today, tobacco smoking is grave concern worldwide and many organizations are engaged in education and awareness about it. Many stop smoking programs are conducted to help people trapped in tobacco smoking addiction.
You can take help of these different ways to quit smoking and bring your life back on track. Smoking snatches the most precious gift of health by decaying it gradually. Many severe diseases like cancer, dementia, asthma etc. are the results of smoking. You can say no to smoking with the help of many helping hands. The only need is to accept that you have to take help of these aids and say good bye to tobacco smoking from your life.

How To Quit Smoking Naturally?

There are enormous dangerous effects of tobacco smoking on the health. From respiratory system to immune system, vision etc. it affects overall health severely. If you have realized its dreadful effects and need to quit smoking, it is the first step of your recovery to accept that you need to stay away from it for your health as well as your family. Here are some of the ways to quit smoking

  • Stop smoking completely (Cold turkey) – If your willpower is good enough, you can stop smoking completely from the day you decide it. It may happen that you need several attempts for it. However, you can win the struggle on your own.
  • Stop smoking medication – There are many stop smoking pills available. These prescription medicines help to treat addiction. You can get rid of it systematically.
  • Reducing smoking gradually – You can cut down quantity of cigarettes you are smoking a day gradually to stop smoking eventually.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) – For prolonged addiction, NRT treatment helps to stop craving and relieving from symptoms to stop smoking. This treatment uses various products like nicotine gum, inhaler etc.
  • Stop smoking aids – Many products like herbal cigarettes help in staying away from tobacco smoking and quit smoking.
  • Alternative therapies – Many alternative therapies like laser therapy, acupuncture, behavioral therapy, counseling etc. can help stop smoking.